Discovering Product Knowledge Gaps

There is a big secret at your company that everyone knows.

A lot of people don’t actually know,
how the products you work on,
and your company sells,
actually work!

Even worse?
No one wants to admit it.

Are you thinking… “Wait a minute!?
That’s not true I/we know how our product works!
Are you kidding me?”

The thing is…
it’s hard to know everything,
and with todays complex products
it starting to seem impossible.

How much better could we be as an organization, and how much better could our products be, if we all committed to learning more about how our products work?

As a company,
Our products are who we are.
Our products are what unite us as a group.
Our products are when we put our best ideas together and create.
Our products are where we invest a significant amount of time and energy.
Our products are why we have jobs and how we contribute value to the world.

Your product might be an app, a car, a pizza, a device, or a house.
Your product might be a component of a larger product or delivered as a service.

Regardless of what your product is, or what your team produces,
the opportunity is to help people continually learn more about it.

The hard part is – we can’t possibly know everything.

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The Importance of Shared Vision

Can other people see what you see?

Next to execution and actually making it real, having a shared vision is one of the most important components of any idea, plan, product, project, or service. If your customers, investors, stakeholders, team or users don’t share in your vision, then you must ask yourself – Will people find value in what I’m building?

Shared Vision – A vision people can acknowledge, identify, and extend with minimal information.

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The longest acronym every product person needs to know.

You Can’t Design The Freaking Product

If You Don’t Use, The Freaking Product.